Champs are still in town

CHAMPIONS are still on the ground in the Big East and are doing well, despite the Big Ten’s latest loss to the NCAA tournament-bound Big East.

The Big East announced Monday that its tournament bracket is in and that the tournament championship will be played Wednesday in Philadelphia.

That leaves the conference at 16-15 and a full four games back of the Big 12 for the No. 4 seed in the NCAA Tournament.

That means the league is currently in the best position of any conference in the tournament.

The Big Ten has four teams left, and two of those teams are playing in the Sweet 16.

The league’s four best teams are at No. 2 and No. 5, respectively, with the conference’s two best teams still in the top three.

The ACC is in the No 1 seed, the Big South in the second, and the Big West in the third.

Those are the four teams that the conference will play.

The conference is also in the playoffs, with No. 1 seeds the Atlantic 10 and No 5 seeds the Mountain West.

The league’s top four teams will face each other in the championship game.

The teams are: Georgetown, Xavier, St. John’s, Georgetown, St-John’sThe Big Ten is looking to improve on the league’s recent tournament performances and finish with a better record than it did last season, which was its fourth in six years.

The conference finished 11-19 last season.

The tournament has a $1 million prize pool, up from the previous two seasons.