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GoodlyTV – TV’s most influential and inspirational charity television channel – has launched its first charity water campaign and launched a ‘goodly’ TV brand, Goodly.

GoodlyTV has teamed up with the UK’s best-known charity water charity, Goodness TV, to launch a campaign to raise money for the organisation.

The Goodly Water Goodness Campaign is aimed at raising awareness of the charity’s work in water and sanitation.

It’s the first of many similar campaigns Goodly is planning to launch in the UK.

It will be run by Goodly’s global head of brand development, Tom Stebbins.

It comes as Goodness launches a new charity water branded product, Water Good, with the aim of helping people to understand how they can help make a difference in their communities.

It is also the first time Goodness has been in a position to work directly with a charity water brand.

It has previously worked with the BBC, which launched a new water brand for the BBC and a water charity Water Good for the first four weeks of 2017.

As well as Goodly, Goodlife, which is owned by the UK company Sainsbury’s, has launched a water campaign for its own brand.

In March, it teamed up in the US with Good Life’s Water Buddies and launched the Water Buddys Water for Kids campaign, which it said was aimed at giving kids the knowledge and skills to help save water and get clean water to homes and communities.