How the best charities are doing in the UK, USA and around the world

Thanksgiving charities are making it to the front of the line of donors for millions of dollars and are benefiting from the generosity of others.

Here are some of the best, from the best to the least.

Good Samaritans Charity, based in Kent, was founded in 1774 and works with the homeless, people with disabilities and children in need to make a difference in people’s lives.

They do not pay for their own food, so are unable to feed those in need.

They offer a food bank in the community, food parcels, vouchers and a safe and secure place to stay if necessary.

The charity is a partner of the charity sector in England, Wales and Scotland and has partnered with charity partners across the country to provide meals to the homeless and children.

They have been in operation for over 30 years and their food bank provides more than £10m of food each year to people in need across the UK.

The Good Samaritan Society (GSS) is a registered charity which provides food parcels to households and provides safe and stable accommodation to those who are homeless, those with disabilities or those in foster care.

It is a charitable trust which operates in conjunction with the Government of England and runs over 800 food banks across the whole of the UK and overseas.

They work with the local authorities to provide food and food parcels for people who are at risk of homelessness.

The Salvation Army (SAA) operates a food distribution network, which provides safe, secure accommodation and meals to people who have been out of work or are at increased risk of unemployment.

The SAA is the only charity that provides a safe, permanent home for the homeless in England.

The Charity Aid charity is an independent charity providing assistance to people living on the streets, in homeless shelters, in emergency housing and for other purposes.

The charities aim to provide a safe home and food to people of all ages, including those living in the most vulnerable and most deprived circumstances.

The Caring charity provides a number of free meals to low income families in the areas of Brighton and Hove, Bristol, Reading and Reading and Cambridge.

The free food provides food for the poor and people with limited access to regular or paid work, to those in temporary accommodation, and to the elderly and disabled.

The local charity has partnered up with the charity charity sector to provide free meals in local areas across the south of England.

These meals are provided by local food banks.

The Care and Support Alliance (CSA) provides food to children in foster homes and homeless shelters.

It operates three food banks in each of its 28 council areas and provides free meals for people living in emergency accommodation.

They provide safe, safe, food and provide an affordable place to live and work.

The Child Care Alliance provides a wide range of meals and clothing to children who are in care and support their carers.

The food bank has more than 500 volunteers in the area providing food, food vouchers, a safe place to sleep and a secure place for those with mental health and physical health issues.

Children are often the first to have access to food and clothing.

Children and their families are often overlooked by those in the care system and therefore need the help of these organisations.

The Crisis Food Trust (CFT) works in partnership with charities across the county to provide temporary accommodation for people in emergency and transitional housing.

The community based food bank helps people in temporary or transitional housing with food, clothing and basic needs.

The Foodbank of Wales (FFW) operates in the south Wales valleys.

It provides free food and supplies to people on a food emergency, emergency food vouchers and emergency food bank.

The FSW is a charity which operates a permanent food bank for people at risk.

It has partnered to provide emergency food to homeless people and people living homeless in the region.

The Homeless Charity (HCC) is an online and community based charity which is a non-profit corporation.

It runs a food service to assist people in homelessness and provides emergency food and emergency clothes to people experiencing homelessness.

They also provide free food parcels and meals.

The HCC has partnered, with the Salvation Army, with charities in Wales and elsewhere in the South West and Midlands to provide community based meals for the hungry.

The organisation is a member of the Welsh Government’s Foodbanks for Families initiative.

The Local Foodbank (LF) provides free or discounted meals to families, children and their carer, and provides a secure food bank to those needing help.

The LF is a family based charity that partners with a number local food bank agencies in the regional and national capital areas to provide the homeless with a safe food source.

It also offers a safe shelter and food storage place.

The LFB operates three free meals a week for the community.

The Family Foodbank offers free food to families with children aged two to seven.

The Lifeline Foodbank provides free groceries to families in need and supports families in homelessness.

These food parcels are delivered by a food parcel delivery service and