How to fight the Trump tax cuts

The House GOP tax plan that passed on Wednesday includes a provision that would eliminate a tax credit for charities that serve animals.

The House approved the bill Thursday.

The provision, which the nonpartisan Tax Policy Center called “a major win for charities,” is aimed at helping “vulnerable animal shelters and animal advocacy groups” that provide animals with care and protection.

It would also eliminate the deduction for certain types of charity care, like vet care, shelter expenses and other expenses.

The measure passed the House 227-189, and the Senate passed it 229-132.

Democrats are expected to introduce a companion tax reform measure in the coming days.

The deduction was included in the House’s bill because the bill includes a special exemption for the cost of shelter expenses, which is often less than the tax credit.

“We believe that shelters should be eligible for this tax credit because sheltering animals is a critical service that helps protect the health and safety of animals and their communities,” Rep. John Katko, D-N.Y., the bill’s top Republican, said in a statement.

“It is a win for animal shelters that provide safe and loving homes for animals.”

But some animal advocates argued that the tax credits should not be eliminated altogether, because shelters often spend more than the cost they receive in donations.

“Our shelters need to be able to spend their money, and they should be able spend their dollars in a way that supports their communities, and it should be available to them, regardless of how much they pay in donations,” said Lauren Loomis, executive director of the Humane Society of the United States, which has been a vocal critic of the House tax bill.

“This provision is simply not adequate to help us help animals that are in desperate need of shelter, and that is why we are opposed to the elimination of this tax benefit for shelters.”