How to help the Great Value Charity in need of cash

The Great Value charity has asked the Government to provide them with cash for the months of December, January and February as they struggle to meet the costs of running the charity’s operations.

The charity, which is known for its focus on helping people in need, has already been forced to cancel its annual Christmas fundraiser in the lead-up to Christmas, which the charity says it could not afford to run without help from the Government.

In an interview with the ABC’s AM program on Wednesday, the charity said it was still waiting for a response from the Prime Minister.

“The Government has just come in and told us it will be doing our Christmas fundraiser, but we’ve been unable to get any funding from the Treasury and we’ve had to cancel our event in December,” the charity stated in a statement to AM.

“It’s a big pain for us, and it’s really sad, but unfortunately we’re still waiting.”

The charity’s CEO, Jim Keneally, said he was also hoping the Government would help the charity out in the upcoming months.

“I’ve always said that the Great Values is one of the great charities in Australia and I think we can’t keep doing what we’re doing without some help from our Government,” Mr Kenealy said.

“We’ve had our event cancelled and we’re really looking forward to having our Christmas event back.”

Mr Keneal said he hoped that the Government “would do their fair share” in the coming months.”[The Government] are doing their fair bit in supporting the charities that we do work for, but it would be great to see the Government provide some help to our organisations,” he said.”[It] would also be great if we could help the charities with whatever it is that we need.”

The Charity’s Christmas fundraising event will be held on Christmas Day.

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