How to spend your holiday on a budget

Spend your holiday with good charities.

Good charities have helped many people in need, and are committed to helping the homeless.

The following charities are a good choice: A Good Samaritan is a local organisation that assists people in distress and is a great way to spend a holiday in Australia.

Covid-19 Free Treatment Centre offers free treatment for people with chronic health conditions, such as HIV and hepatitis C. Dairy Farmers Australia helps farmers, ranchers and farmers market their products.

Free Food is a food bank for vulnerable and under-served people in our communities.

Help Save The Tasmanian Wildlife Sanctuary is an international wildlife sanctuary dedicated to protecting and managing Tasmanian biodiversity and wildlife.

Hands Off The Wheelchair is an organisation that provides disabled people with wheelchairs and mobility aids.

Helping Hand is a charity providing support to those with disabilities in our community.

International Rescue Committee provides humanitarian assistance and support to people in remote areas and to refugees and migrants.

Inland Revenue is a registered charity providing help to the disabled in our area.

National Disability Rights Network is an independent organisation providing support and advocacy to people with disabilities across Australia.