How to support the charities that need the most help right now

Good things are happening at the world’s best charities.

The Good Charity Report looks at how these organisations are doing and why they need your help.


The World Health Organization (WHO) 2.

The United Nations Development Programme (UNDP)3.

The Royal Society of Arts (RSO)4.

The Salvation Army (SAR)5.

The International Rescue Committee (IRC)6.

The Irish Catholic Relief and Development Organisation (ICRC)7.

The European Medicines Agency (EMA)8.

The German government9.

The British government10.

The American Red Cross and Salvation Army 11.

The US State Department12.

The National Endowment for Democracy (NED)13.

The UN Environment Programme (Unep)14.

The Catholic Relief Service (CR)15.

The African Union and the European Commission16.

The Canadian Red Cross17.

The University of California, Berkeley, USA18.

The Norwegian Red Cross19.

The Spanish Catholic University, Barcelona, Spain20.

The French National Centre for Scientific Research (CNRS)21.

The Italian Catholic University in Rome22.

The Brazilian Ministry of Health23.

The Indian National Congress24.

The Turkish Ministry of Education25.

The Malaysian government26.

The Ethiopian government27.

The Philippines, Indonesia, Australia and Singapore28.

The Nigerian National Development Authority (NAD)29.

The South African government30.

The Dutch Red Cross31.

The Australian National University32.

The Portuguese National Institute for Development Studies (INSTEDS)33.

The Chinese National Institute of Social Sciences (CSIS)34.

The Czech government35.

The Ukrainian government36.

The Swiss government37.

The Indonesian government38.

The Jordanian government39.

The Pakistani government40.

The Lebanese government41.

The Kenyan government42.

The Algerian government43.

The Iranian government44.

The Saudi government45.

The Egyptian government46.

The Yemeni government47.

The Iraqi government48.

The Uzbekistan government49.

The Belarusian government50.

The Israeli government51.

The Russian government52.

The Greek government53.

The Romanian government54.

The Armenian government55.

The Georgian government56.

The Syrian government57.

The Moroccan government58.

The Belgian government59.

The Palestinian government60.

The Kazakh government61.

The Hungarian government62.

The Croatian government63.

The Albanian government64.

The Lithuanian government65.

The Bulgarian government66.

The Maltese government67.

The Estonian government68.

The Serbian government69.

The Japanese government70.

The Finnish government71.

The Swedish government72.

The Slovakian government73.

The Polish government74.

The Slovenian government75.

The Thai government76.

The Kyrgyz government77.

The Vietnamese government78.

The Pakistan government79.

The Macedonian government80.

The Azerbaijani government81.

The Burundian government82.

The Ugandan government83.

The Sudanese government84.

The Tajikistan government85.

The Turkmenistan government86.

The Georgia government87.

The North Korean government88.

The Gambia government89.

The Ivory Coast government90.

The Democratic Republic of the Congo government91.

The Cameroon government92.

The Zimbabwe government93.

The Sri Lankan government94.

The Central African Republic government95.

The Chad government96.

The Burkina Faso government97.

The Guinea-Bissau government98.

The Niger government99.

The Eritrea government100.

The Uganda government101.

The El Salvador government102.

The Congo stateless people’s democratic republic government103.

The Zambia stateless stateless citizens’ democracy government104.

The Comoros stateless peoples’ democracy democracy government105.

The Togo stateless republic government106.

The Mozambique stateless constitution government107.

The Nigeria stateless constitutional government108.

The Sierra Leone stateless legislature government109.

The Botswana stateless parliament government110.

The Liberia stateless government111.

The Republic of South Africa stateless parliamentary democracy government112.

The Seychelles stateless sovereignty government113.

The Dominican Republic stateless sovereign justice system114.

The Ecuador stateless judicial system115.

The Lesotho stateless democracy government116.

The Djibouti stateless judiciary system117.

The Myanmar stateless democratic justice system118.

The Honduras stateless military government119.

The Ethiopia stateless authoritarian regime120.

The Somalia stateless political system121.

The Guatemala stateless system122.

The Guyana stateless civil and political system123.

The Rwanda stateless electoral system124.

The Papua New Guinea stateless law and order system125.

The Suriname stateless legal system126.

The Madagascar stateless justice system127.

The Tunisia stateless election system128.

The Tanzania stateless security system129.

The Senegal stateless public health system130.

The Moldova stateless power system131.

The Albania stateless central bank system132