Pope Francis to open Catholic Charities charity to gay, lesbian, bisexual and transgender people

Pope Francis will open a Catholic charity that aims to help homeless people, transgender people and LGBT people living in poverty in Africa. 

In a statement on Thursday, Francis announced the new Good Wildlife Charities will focus on three groups: homeless people and people with HIV/AIDS, transgender and LGBT young people and those living with HIV and AIDS. 

The announcement came in a ceremony in the Vatican on Thursday to celebrate the 40th anniversary of the founding of the charity. 

Pope Francis has repeatedly spoken out against racism and xenophobia and has sought to tackle discrimination and violence in the world, but his work has often come under fire from human rights advocates.

The new charity is being run by a Catholic group, the Catholic League of North America.

The charity was created in 2015 in partnership with the Vatican.

The new organization will be led by Father Joseph Ndiaye, a leader of the Franciscan order and the Catholic Charismatic Association of North Africa.

Ndiaye said that while the mission of Good Wildlife is to help people in need, the foundation will also be focused on promoting reconciliation, inclusion and inclusion in society.

He said the charity’s mission is to support communities by providing services, and it will also seek to help those who are in need by offering support, mentoring and guidance.