The list of charities that are good charities

Good charities are a great way to support those who are most in need and are working to make a difference in the lives of others.

Here are some of the best charities you can support.


The Salvation Army and the Salvation Army Fund, a charity set up in 1988 by John Waters to provide free housing for those who could not afford it, has become a recognised and trusted charity in Australia.

The charity’s work in the area of homelessness and domestic violence has been recognised by the Prime Minister, the Prime Ministers office, the Australian Human Rights Commission, the Salvation House and many other organisations.

The organisation has been named Australia’s Best Charity by the ABC.

Its focus on homelessness and violence prevention has also been highlighted by the Commonwealth Government and the Government of the United Kingdom.

The Royal Society of Arts and the Arts Council of Australia have recognised The Salvation War as a ‘Best Australian Charity’ award.


The National Health Service (NHS) has recognised the charity that has provided the most quality care and carers for more than 400,000 people with a focus on mental health issues and suicide prevention.

It has been described as a “gift from God” by the former Prime Minister Julia Gillard.

The NHS said the charity was “a pioneer in the field of mental health services”.


The Department of Veterans Affairs (VA) has also recognised the Salvation War’s work on mental illness and suicide.

The Veterans Association, which was founded by veterans, has campaigned for many years for better care and support for veterans.

It said the organisation had “dedicated more than 25 years of its life to this cause”.

The charity has also received the Australian Charity Award for its work to improve mental health and mental health support services for veterans and their families.


The Victorian Government has also honoured the organisation for its mental health work, saying it has “done a lot of work on our own”.

In a statement, the Department of Human Services said the Salvation Life Mission has “demonstrated leadership in providing a safe and caring environment to support our homeless people and their loved ones”.

The organisation said the group had a “strong commitment to the well-being of our homeless population”.


The University of Melbourne has recognised The Army Life Mission, which is based in Brisbane and has a number of community-based programs, as a recognised charity for its “life-changing work”.

The Salvation Life mission, which started in 2000, was established to help homeless people, including those living in residential accommodation.

The mission has also partnered with other organisations to provide services and support, such as youth programs and mental wellness programs.

The Mission is recognised in the Commonwealth as a charity of the highest ethical standard and the university has awarded The Army a Commonwealth Government Commonwealth Award of Merit for its services to homeless people.


The New South Wales Government has recognised charity The Salvation Navy for its efforts to support and support vulnerable people in remote areas.

The NSW Government said The Salvation Naval has been “one of the most effective organisations on the ground helping the most vulnerable people”.

The mission is also recognised by many in the community as a worthy charity.


The Queensland Government has announced a $10 million grant to The Salvation Corps to help fund a number, including homeless youth, to receive care and mental wellbeing support.

The grant is for two years, with the first two years being spent on homeless youth and the third on the homeless population in remote parts of Queensland.

The donation is part of the Queensland Government’s homelessness strategy, which aims to reduce homelessness by 40 per cent by 2020.


The Northern Territory Government has named the Salvation Navy the best organisation for homeless people in the Territory.

The NT Government said the money will support the Salvation Corps, a “world-class charity”, to “strengthen the provision of safe, supportive and effective support to homeless youth across the Territory”.

The NT Minister for Social Services said “The Salvation Navy is a proven and respected partner in delivering the highest quality services for our most vulnerable members”.


The Australian Defence Force has named The Salvation Marine as one of the “best charities” for the homeless and refugees.

The service, which began in 2007, is based at Darwin and focuses on “homelessness, support for the military, and the military’s mission to support the military and the nation in all things that affect our nation’s defence”.

The service’s mission is to “provide support to those in need, to support individuals, to provide safe places to live and to provide support for those seeking a better life”.


The former Prime Ministers Office has recognised that The Salvation Fund has a “hugely important role” in helping the homeless.

The office said The Armed Forces and its service personnel “do everything we can to support all those who need help”.


The Commonwealth Government has given The Salvationists a Commonwealth award of Merits for its support to disadvantaged Australians and people with mental health concerns.

The awards will be given out to organisations and individuals who have “led

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