The top 10 charitable ideas for the holidays

Charity: The most popular charity of all time, with $1.7 trillion in assets, is the Bill & Melinda Gates Foundation.

But its motto of “change and change fast” is under attack by a growing number of charities, with some calling for it to be closed down.

Here’s a look at the top charities of the year, with our picks for best charitable ideas and best charitable organizations.


The Bill &amps; Melnie Gates Foundation The Bill &ams; Mel and his wife, the late Alice Walton, founded the foundation in 1997.

It provides scholarships and grants for needy children and adults.

Its mission is to build the world’s greatest foundation.

But it’s become a target of critics and critics of the organization say its mission is too narrow and that it focuses too little on helping the world.


The Michael and Marian Wrightson Foundation Michael Wrightson, a partner at the Wrightson Group, founded The Michael &amp=ampons Foundation in 2003 to help children and youth.

He has been accused of being biased against minorities, women and the disabled.


The Robert Wood Johnson Foundation Robert Johnson is the founder of the Johnson &ampo=lt Partnership, which focuses on public health.

Its goals include expanding access to health care, preventing disease, improving access to education, and combating poverty.

Its main mission is for the U.S. to have universal access to affordable, quality health care for all people.


The Children’s Defense Fund The Children’s Defence Fund has raised more than $400 million in the past 15 years.

Its aim is to prevent child abuse and neglect.

The foundation says its focus is on prevention and not on prosecuting perpetrators.


The National Science Foundation The National Sci= ont Foundation has given more than more than a billion dollars in grants to science and technology, including research, education and research.

Its missions are to advance science and knowledge, strengthen the public understanding of science, and encourage a collaborative culture.


The Carnegie Endowment for International Peace The Carnegie Foundation is the world leader in advancing peace through diplomacy.

Its work focuses on addressing global challenges like climate change, energy security and climate adaptation.

It also promotes peace and development by providing international education, technology and services.


The John D. and Catherine T. MacArthur Foundation The John &amp =amp; Catherine MacArthur Foundation is dedicated to promoting global health through research and education.

Its goal is to advance global health by increasing the knowledge and understanding of diseases and promoting the use of vaccines and therapies.


The American Red Cross The American Fund for the Red Cross has been one of the world leaders in reducing the impact of disease and helping communities recover.

Its commitment to helping communities rebuild is also well known, with more than 5.2 million homes rebuilt and more than 7 million households with clean water, food, sanitation and other basic needs.


The David &amp ; George Washington University The David G. and George Washington Universities have a rich history of charitable giving, donating more than the $6.3 billion they donated in 2007 to causes such as education, the arts and health care.

The George W. Bush Presidential Center at the university is the largest single gift by a private university in American history.


The Howard Hughes Medical Institutes The Howard P. &amp ernice Foundation, the world-famous medical research and development institute, has been awarded more than 10 Nobel Prizes, including $1 billion for cancer research in 1998.

Its research has been used in dozens of medical devices, from vaccines to cancer drugs.