Which charities should you give your hard-earned cash to?

The best charity you can give to is the one that gives you the best return on your hard earned money.

Good intentions, transparency and transparency are all factors that can help a charity raise the most money for the most deserving people.

Good for you, bad for you.

Good organizations have great impact on the world.

Bad organizations, however, can leave a lot to be desired.

Here are the top five charities in the United States, ranked by impact on human beings:1.

Goodwill Industries: $2.7 billion2.

Mercy Corps: $1.5 billion3.

The Salvation Army: $990 million4.

The Trevor Project: $817 million5.

The Humane League: $725 millionThe good news is that a lot of good organizations are also doing a great job in the world:1) Goodwill, the world’s largest charity that works with the homeless and provides them with clean, nutritious meals.

It has donated nearly $10 billion in humanitarian aid to the world, with the vast majority of that aid going to people in need.2) The Salvation Armamentarium, a U.S. Army base in New Mexico, is a favorite of many celebrities, and has been recognized by The Associated Press as one of the most beautiful military bases in the country.3) The U.N. Children’s Fund, the U.K.’s largest charity, provides lifesaving medical and nutritional care to millions.

It provides food, water and hygiene kits to more than 1 million children in nearly 100 countries.4) The Children’s Aid Society of America (CASA), a nonprofit that helps children in developing countries in developing communities, is known for its lifesaving work, including programs to improve sanitation, provide sanitation-related vaccinations and clean water and sanitation equipment.5) The American Red Cross has been praised for its efforts to improve lives around the world through its global community outreach.

This charity, which operates on a $10-billion budget, has also been criticized for its lack of transparency and its use of money for political purposes.

Goodwill is known as one the most powerful philanthropic organizations in the U., and its work is unmatched in the global community.

In 2017, the organization reported a net income of $1 billion, according to The Associated News.

The organization’s work in the Middle East has earned it some of the highest honors of the global charity community.

The U,S.

State Department’s Human Rights Review Board awarded it its 2017 Human Rights Innovation Award.

This year, the charity also received the Ujwal Saks Award, which is named for a Pakistani woman who died of polio.

The award honors organizations that have created a “world-class and sustainable model for humanitarian aid,” and has received multiple awards, including the 2018 National Endowment for Democracy Award, for its work in Haiti.

The organization also received a number of other awards, such as the 2016 Nobel Peace Prize.

The U. S. is home to some of world’s richest countries, and it is estimated that the average person in the middle class earns about $1,000 per year.

While it is not necessarily bad for the average American, there are some charities that have a more direct impact on people’s lives, and some that are even better at helping the most vulnerable people.

Here are the 10 charities in America that make a difference in the lives of the world with the most impact on them:1.)

Mercy Corps – $2 billion2.)

The Salvation Soldiers – $819 million3.)

The Trevor Foundation – $820 million4.)

The Humane Society of the United Kingdom – $1 million5.)

The Childrens Aid Society – $725,0006.)

The United Way – $705,0007.)

Goodwill – $730,0008.)

The American Association of University Women – $695,0009.)

Mercy Aid – $619,00010.)

Good Will Fund – $700,0001.

The United Nations Children’s Emergency Fund – One billion dollars (1 billion euros) has been raised for the children of the former Yugoslavia and the Balkans in 2017 alone.

The money is being used to support the development of programs to help children.2.

The World Food Program – This charity provides food to over two million people a day, including about 4 million children.

The food assistance is used to build schools, provide medical supplies and other support for the needy.3.

Good Samaritan Services – This organization is known around the globe for its humanitarian efforts, and its donation of over $1 trillion has made a difference for millions of people around the planet.

The humanitarian organization is also known for their work in helping the homeless, and providing free health care and nutrition to children and the elderly.4.

Mercy Fellowship – Mercy Fellowship is the largest private charity in the USA and the world in terms of assets.

It is a charity that is committed to helping people who are in need, and is the world leader