Why it’s good charity charity search: the benefits of looking for charities in the Philippines

The Philippine charity search engine, Good Charity Search, was launched in October 2018.

The platform was launched as a way to find charitable donations and support for needy people in the country.

The idea behind the platform was to allow for people to search for charity in their area by keyword, without having to spend time searching on their own.

Good Charity Searches team is currently in the process of raising funding to upgrade the website with more features.

Good Search Team CEO and founder, Luis Avila, said he was inspired by a recent trip to the Philippines and that he was motivated by the lack of charity donations in the area.

“I was inspired when I visited the Philippines because I was very happy with the amount of charity in the place,” Avilas told AMG.

“And I wanted to help out with this problem.”

Avilaa said that he started looking for charity donations to give to the poor after he and his wife, Carmen, who was living in the capital, Manila, had to relocate due to a hurricane.

“We started looking online and the first thing we found was a great charity search site.

And then we started to go through the pages, and we found a lot of good charities that were in need.

We donated money to them,” Ailas said.

Avilases charitable donations have increased since the site launched.

“As of now, we have received almost 4,500 donations from our users,” Ailla said.

He said the project had helped more than 2,000 people reach out to him through the Good Charity search platform.

“The more people we reach out, the more people will donate,” he added.

Aila said the website has made it easier for people who have not had a lot to donate to do so.

“When we have the option of donating, we are very happy to help,” he said.

The Philippines is a country of about 180 million people, and the number of people who are homeless or are currently experiencing financial hardship is estimated to be over one million.

In 2017, the country recorded over 4,100 deaths, and over 5,500 people died due to natural disasters, according to the World Bank.

“It is an area where there is a lot we can do to help, because we have a lot more resources than many other countries, Aila explained.

There are so many good people around us that we can give a little bit of help to them, but we need to do it in a way that is beneficial to all,” he concluded.