Charity CEO: ‘I can’t stop people from getting their hearts broken’

It’s a message from the CEO of a charity that is trying to help people who have been heartbroken.

The charity, LifeWorks, has been at the forefront of the campaign to end the devastating epidemic of heart disease and other conditions in Canada.

In its latest fundraising report, Life Works reported that, in December, it received nearly $3.2 million in donations.

LifeWorks also said it had raised $3 million in September, October and November.

“I’ve never seen anything like it in my life,” said Stephanie MacIntyre, president and CEO of LifeWorks.

The group has raised more than $6 million for a range of charities since the start of the epidemic, including the Red Cross, Canadian Red Cross and Canada Foundation.

“Our hope is that with our current fundraising pace, we’ll have enough to keep up the good work that we’re doing,” said MacIntire.

In a recent Facebook post, Lifeworks said the money it’s raising will go toward the first-of-its-kind program to assist Canadian families and individuals affected by the epidemic.

“For those of you who are affected by this epidemic and are not sure where to turn, the new LifeWorks for Canadians will provide information and support for Canadians to get started on a recovery process,” the post said.

“We want to remind you that you have the option of getting help in Canada, but the best way to get help is to contact a local life-giving community.”

“We can’t wait to share more about our lifesaving programs with you soon,” the charity added.

LifeWorks has been raising money for various charities, including charities that deal with depression, post-traumatic stress disorder and other mental health issues.

Its fundraising has been met with a lot of criticism from some Canadians.

A Canadian Forces member in the army was recently told to stop fundraising for the charity because of the negative response.

MacIntyre said LifeWorks is trying everything it can to reach out to those who are feeling isolated, but it’s hard to know if it’s working.

“There’s been no one in the last year who has said, ‘You know what?

We can do better,'” she said.

“That’s a big issue with this epidemic, and I think we’re all struggling with that.”

The Canadian Red and Canadian Foundation have also been criticized for not doing enough to help Canadians.

In a fundraising letter from October, the Red and the Foundation said they have raised $1.6 million since the beginning of the pandemic.

The Red and Foundation said it has a team of about 15 people dedicated to the project.

“LifeWorks and our partners are doing everything they can to make sure that everyone who needs a helping hand can get one,” said Julie Gagnon, president of the Canadian Red Foundation.