Charity Good News Charity to donate £50,000 to Good News Brisbane

Good News has donated a total of £50 of its £1 million annual charity income to GoodNews Brisbane, its local charity that promotes social good.

The donation will support GoodNews’ Good News Campaign which aims to raise awareness and money for local charities.

“We have a long history of working with local organisations, so we are excited to be partnering with GoodNews in a unique way to help promote GoodNews activities across the country,” said Dr. Andrew McQueen, president and CEO of Good News.

“Our community has a unique perspective and we know it is an important way for us to connect with people in need around the country.”

This is a really good way for people to connect and see how we can help the people we love in their community.

“The donation to Goodnews Brisbane will help fund the Good News community outreach programs.”

GoodNews Brisbane has a rich history and a rich community and we are delighted to be supporting them in this way,” Dr. McQueen said.”

The fact that we are working together with a local organisation will help us to deliver positive social outcomes for our community and help to further our mission to create a better world for everyone.

“The local charity, GoodNews Queensland, is part of the GoodNews Network, which is a network of local charities and faith-based organisations that supports local charities, and is the world’s largest grassroots network of GoodNews charities and Good News churches.

The GoodNews Foundation, which operates as GoodNews Australia, has also joined the network.”

I am very excited about partnering with the Goodnews Network and GoodNews and am grateful for their support to us in this very special way,” GoodNews Minister for Children and Young People, Lisa Neville, said.

The Government has also made GoodNews a partner of the Great Barrier Reef Trust, which supports reef conservation, reef health and sustainable tourism.”

Read moreGood News will continue to be a part of Goodnews Queensland’s Good News Network and its Good News Queensland Fund.””

The support from the Government has made the world more connected, more prosperous and more safe.”

Read moreGood News will continue to be a part of Goodnews Queensland’s Good News Network and its Good News Queensland Fund.

“It is important to us that GoodNews continues to support Good News as it promotes social justice, social inclusion and community engagement,” said GoodNews Chief Executive Officer Dr. Mike Suckling.

“In 2017, Goodnews spent more than £1.5 million on GoodNews campaigns in Australia and around the world.

This year we are aiming to reach as many Australians as possible through GoodNews programs and activities, which includes an annual Good News Festival in Queensland.””

We are proud to be working with Goodnews and Goodnews in our effort to build a more connected world and that is why we are pleased to partner with them in supporting our local charities.””

The Goodnews Foundation will also continue to support the Goodlife Foundation in supporting GoodLife charities across the world, and the GoodLife Foundation will support the Community Foundation in our support of Goodlife.”

The GoodLife foundation was founded in 2007 by former Prime Minister Bob Hawke.

The Foundation supports local and national GoodLife organisations across Australia, with an eye to ensuring the Good Life is in place to provide quality, sustainable services.

Sponsorship Levels and Benefits

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