‘Good day charity’ gets $50 million for white goods and cosmetics brand with an eye on Africa

New York City-based charity Good Day has raised $50.5 million in a round led by New York hedge fund billionaire and philanthropist David Tepper. 

Tepper, who helped found the foundation and founded Tepper Capital, said the $50m investment in the company was an “amazing” and “extraordinary” first step toward bringing “an unparalleled brand of beauty products and beauty services to the masses”.

“Our goal is to help people achieve their dreams of living well and becoming a better person,” Tepper said in a statement.

“Good Day is the only foundation to deliver beauty products that help you achieve your dreams of being healthy, beautiful and happy.”

The charity has launched four new beauty products, including a facial mask, and launched its first line of cosmetic products in September.

The foundation will now be working with local beauty brands to develop new and exciting products, which will go on sale in the coming months.

In addition to the foundation, Tepper has partnered with beauty brand Burt’s Bees and cosmetics giant Clinique.