How to get your local charitable organization to help you with the Christmas shopping season

For years, a charity truck delivered gifts from local stores and food trucks to needy families in Philadelphias inner suburbs.

Now, the charity is delivering its holiday gifts to needy people, too.

The organization, called Philadelphia Charities, has opened its doors in the city and is now making the rounds to Philadelpha residents.

The Philadelphi Charities Truck will be parked outside of The New York Public Library and will bring out a holiday card that has been printed and distributed by the organization, which is called the Philadelphis Charities Network.

The charity has been providing the same services for more than 20 years, according to Philadelphia Charities Director of Marketing Brian Richey.

Richeys office will be at the front of the truck handing out the cards.

The donations will be delivered on Christmas Day, when people in Philadephias are encouraged to shop for gifts and buy gifts for the homeless and needy.

“Christmas is a time when we can put our gifts away for the season and put food on the table,” Richeies marketing director, Matt Jolliffe said.

“We really want to help people in the Philadepsy community and give back.”

The Philadeps Charities truck will be on the way to a homeless shelter and will stop at the end of every street in the inner suburbs of Philadelphia.