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A good rain forest charity has received a $1.4 million grant from the government to continue its work to help those affected by droughts, flooding and bushfires.

The Queensland Government’s Good RainForest Charities Foundation (GRF), a charity founded by the late David Bligh, said the grant will allow the organisation to focus on providing support for vulnerable people and communities in the Great Northern and Southern Highlands and the Queensland bushfires affected areas.GRF has been running an Emergency Response Unit for more than a decade.

In its most recent report, it said the unit had provided more than 1.4m support to communities and local government through a range of emergency support initiatives, including disaster assistance, recovery services, and disaster management.

The grant will enable the GRF to provide support to the vulnerable, including providing temporary shelter, nutrition and hygiene assistance, and assisting people with basic needs.

“The Queensland government is committed to supporting the people of the Great Australian Rainforest, and we will continue to work together with other organisations and community partners to achieve our mission of supporting communities and communities impacted by drought, flooding, bushfires and other disaster-related events,” Mr Bligh said.

“Good Rainforest Charities is committed, as always, to making the Great Australia Rainforest a safer, healthier, healthier place for all, by building and supporting a resilient and resilient community.”

A statement from the Queensland Government said the grants were intended to help improve emergency response and emergency preparedness for those impacted by climate change and to support people and their families in the areas affected by climate and weather events.

“We recognise the challenges in the immediate and future, but we know this is an ongoing challenge, and will continue making progress in this area,” it said.

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