How to report stolen charity goods

Posted October 08, 2018 08:24:12The charity industry has been hit hard by a wave of theft of charitable goods that has seen thousands of goods stolen in recent months.

For some charities it can be as high as £1m. “

We are really hoping that by next year we can have a much better idea of what the value of those goods is.

For some charities it can be as high as £1m.

The British Association of Charities said that it had seen an increase in the amount of goods reported stolen.

Andrew MacGregor, ABAC’s director of corporate communications, said: “The scale of the problem is huge and we are all working to understand how to respond and where to best spend our resources.”

He added: “At the moment, the problem has been on the rise and we have had a number of reports of stolen charity products but we have no idea where it’s all coming from.

Some charities have even reported the theft of their own goods, which is why we’re continuing to work closely with charities to help them.

A charity spokesman said that he had been told by his organisation that they were “very concerned” about the problem and he urged all those concerned to contact their local police force.

If you have a charity product stolen, please contact us at [email protected]