NHLPA CEO Brian Burke says NHL needs more social good,but not more charity

NHLPA Chief Executive Officer Brian Burke said Thursday that there’s no need to “move on” from the good fight, but that the league needs to “be better in terms of how we support good charities.”

In an interview with NHL.com, Burke said the league “has to be better” in terms the charities it supports, and that there are “still lots of good charities” around the league.

Burke said the NHL is not just looking for charity, but also for “a better social fabric” and a more inclusive environment.

He also said that the NHLPA’s “good dog” initiative will be extended to other charity programs, but it’s still early in the process.

Burk said he hopes to have a “better discussion” with the NHL and the league’s leadership in the coming weeks.

He said the League has an “open door” policy, but the League can “make the most of it.”

Burke also said he’s hoping to have discussions with NHL players and owners in the near future.

The NHLPA is currently involved in the World Cup of Hockey in Russia.

The Associated Press contributed to this report.