Which charity is best for the water sector?

Good governance charity water is a good choice for those who care about the environment and water quality, according to a new report.

Water in Australia is an important sector for good governance charity Water Good Governance, which has a mandate to help conserve water resources and conserve the water cycle.

The charity’s new Water Good governance report examines how water quality in Australia varies by geography, climate and geography, and how water use in Australia can be reduced or improved by better use of water resources.

The report has been published on the charity’s website and will be made available on the Water GoodGovernance website.

The Water Goodgovernance report has some key recommendations for good management practices.

It recommends the following:• Develop a system to collect, process and retain water data.• Use the water quality data to support management practices such as managing flows, regulating levels of evaporation and protecting the health of ecosystems and water resources, and improving water quality of local water systems.• Support organisations, including organisations that protect water quality and are committed to conservation, to develop a water quality strategy.• Identify best practices for water management and management of water sources, and work towards the establishment of a national water quality monitoring system.• Work to improve water quality management practices in Australia through the establishment and use of national water monitoring systems and other tools and practices to improve the water management practices of local communities.

The good governance organisation has been working to reduce water wastage since 2013.

The water group is based in Brisbane and has been a founding member of Water Good, which aims to improve local water quality through water conservation, water use reduction and conservation of local and regional water resources over the long-term.

Water Good Governances mission statement states:”Water is our lifeblood, and it is the most important resource on the planet.

As such, it is important that we develop effective water management policies and practices that are based on sound science and evidence.”

The Watergood Governance report is part of a broader report into water and its impacts.

WaterGood’s Water Governance project is a joint initiative between Water Good and the Water Institute.

Sponsorship Levels and Benefits

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