Charity electrical goods company gives away $7,000 to a Good Charity for a Model in a photo

In April, a charity electrical goods manufacturer called Good Charity Electric Products Inc. (GCEP) donated $7.5 million to a charity to help the local community in need, according to the company’s website.

The money was donated to the Good Charity Electrical Goods Association (GCBEA) as part of its effort to help communities that have been affected by severe weather.

The company had previously donated $2.8 million to Good Charity in 2014.

The donation is the largest donation to a charitable organization of any type since the company began its charitable efforts.

Good Charity also offered $5,000 for each of the first two families to become eligible for the program, which the charity said would benefit the GCBEA by $2,500.

This would include $2 per year for each family, $5 per month for the first three years, and $25 per month thereafter.

GCBEG also offered a $10,000 grant for any families who were impacted by the drought.

The grant was initially distributed to local nonprofits in six counties that received a total of $1.5 billion in federal disaster relief assistance.

The charity said it would work with communities to identify the areas that need more assistance.

Good charity, which makes and sells electric and electronic equipment, has been making headlines for its electric products.

Last month, the company announced that it had received a $6.6 million federal grant for its “Green Light Initiative,” which will focus on creating jobs for its employees and the communities they serve.

The initiative was announced at the GCEP headquarters in Washington, D.C., and was described as a “start-up grant program.”

“We’ve been working hard to reach out to businesses, nonprofits and the general public to help bring these technologies to the masses,” GCEH CEO Scott Gertler said in a statement.

“It’s great to see Good Charity’s generosity helping us reach our goal of reaching 1 million new jobs.”