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by TechCrunch staff writer A few weeks ago, I had the privilege of attending a talk about charity giving in the UK.

During the course of that event, I was given the opportunity to share some of my thoughts on the value of a good christian charity, and a good charity is what makes me a good Christian.

This is a blog post about what it takes to be a good charitable person.

What’s the value?

If you’re interested in learning more about the value and purpose of a charity, then check out my previous posts on what it means to be an excellent Christian charity.

What do I need to know?

If we’re talking about charitable giving in a society where most people are poor, then it’s important to know what that means.

The following are some key questions you should ask yourself as you start to learn more about your chosen charity.

How does it benefit the community?

Are you doing good by doing good?

If your charity is doing good in some way, then you should make sure that you’re doing good for your community.

What are your goals?

Are your goals to: Provide a good service to people?

Make them feel good?

Support the cause of a community?

The good thing about these questions is that they can be answered for a variety of charities.

The important thing is to understand what you’re giving to the community.

Which charities are good?

Which charities aren’t?

Which charity aren’t good enough?

Which are doing too much?

Which is doing too little?

Which charitable organisation is giving the most?

Which can I give money to?

Which needs can I not give?

What is a charity good for?

Do I need a charity?

If the answer is no, then what?

Is it better for someone else to get a charity for their needs?

If so, then how do you get a good one?

Why would you want to give money?

Does your charity help people?

If yes, then why?

Is there a good reason for giving money?

What’s going on with the charity?

Is the charity doing a good job?

Are they doing a poor job?

Do they need money?

Is their charity doing the right thing?

Is charity good?

What do you want people to know about your charity?

What can they do for your charity to help?

What kind of things do you offer people?

How do you do that?

Is your charity charitable?

Does it benefit society?

Is this for the best?

Does the charity want people like you to be happy?

Do you need the money?

Do people need your charity’s charity?

Can you give it?

Is that good enough for your good?

Is donating money for charity good enough to give to charity?

Does giving money to charity make you a good person?

Do charities need charity?

Do your charities need donations?

Can a good cause get good people to do good?

Can charity make good decisions?

Does charity need to be done good?

Should a good organisation be good?

Will charities ever be good enough if they’re not?

Is good charity better than bad?

What good can I do?

What bad can I say?

Is charitable giving good?

Who are you helping?

Who’s helping?

What are you giving?


Why don’t you give?

Why are you doing charitable giving?

What about your family?

What if I die?

What will I do with my life?

How will you pay for my funeral?

Will my family pay?

How can I tell if I’m still alive?

What to do if you are a child?

What would happen if you were to die?

How much money can I expect?

What happens to my property if I pass away?

What should I do if I have money?

Will I have enough money to pay for funeral expenses?

What does this look like in my bank account?

How should I dispose of my property?

How many possessions can I have?

How to make sure you can leave my property intact?

Can I get a tax return?

What information does your charity need?

Can it be trusted?

Who is the charity’s parent?

Who should I contact?

What kinds of charity are you a part of?

What rights do I have to ask your charity about?

What responsibilities do you have?

What types of taxes can you have on your property?

What documents do you need to give?

Will a charity ask you to give your financial information?

Can my church ask me to pay a church tax?

Can they ask me for donations?

How often should I ask a charity to donate?

Is a charity a good way to make money?

Are there other charitable giving options?

Are other charities better than your own?

Are charity and other giving options a good idea?

Is giving a charity something you can do?

Is what you give good for others?

How does your charitable giving make a difference to others?

Is you giving enough? How big

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