How to donate at a charity’s store

How to make a donation at a store in India?

A simple donation of a few rupees, a little bit of time and a little more of your time can help a poor person in need.

For example, you can donate a few Rs to a local charity or even to a single store in your neighbourhood.

The store might not have the best reputation, but it might have the cheapest merchandise available.

But there’s a big difference between a simple donation and a large one.

A donation of 10 rupees is enough to buy one pack of shampoo.

A gift of Rs 2,000 or Rs 3,000 would be enough to purchase one pack, shampoo or soap.

So, if you buy a pack of 10 shampoos, you have a gift of about Rs 1,000 to spend on the next day.

A small donation of 20 rupees would be more than enough to spend a day at the local market.

And if you donate a lot of money, you get a bigger gift.

A large donation of Rs 10,000 is enough for a family of four to buy a brand new vehicle for a year.

And a donation of 50,000 rupees or Rs 100,000, would be sufficient for a household of five.

But if you make the same donation in one month, the gift of 500,000-1 lakh would be needed to buy two new cars.