When a charity is so great, why do so many Australians give so little?

Posted September 14, 2018 16:12:00 When I first started donating money to a charity, I was pretty much an average Joe.

I wasn’t looking for an extra $1,000 to help me survive.

I didn’t want to give more than I had to.

But the amount I was giving, I soon realised was nothing compared to what other people were doing.

I was seeing people giving hundreds of dollars a year.

For me, the idea of giving was more of a lifestyle choice.

I started to think about it.

There was this great idea that if you give, then you’re going to make someone’s day.

So I thought I would give to the homeless.

I had no idea what it was about giving that made it so good.

I started to realise there was so much that I loved about giving, and I was becoming a better person every time I gave.

When I started giving to a local homeless organisation, I realised that I had an incredible gift.

People are good at what they love.

They are good people.

And I love giving.

A homeless man in Adelaide, South Australia.

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