When dogs fight to be treated as human beings

Good Dog Charities UK has teamed up with the charity BPA to create an initiative to help dogs that have been neglected or abused become well-socialised.

Good Dog Charites UK’s new Good Dog Charity Campaign will feature a series of new social interaction activities to encourage dog owners to adopt a more friendly, caring and accepting attitude towards their pets.

These include:Good Dog’s ‘Good Dog Charity Day’ (June 15)Good Dog will also be offering the ‘Good Life’ campaign which aims to encourage people to adopt good behaviour towards their pet.

The campaign will include a variety of activities, including:The campaign, which was launched on Good Dog’s blog, is a partnership with BPA, which works to reduce the levels of stress, anxiety and depression in dogs.

It is aimed at encouraging people to engage with their pets by providing a range of social and physical rewards that the animals feel like they are rewarded for doing.

The good dog charity is one of the largest organisations working in animal welfare and the UK’s largest animal welfare charity.