When it comes to good charities it’s time to give, and that’s what this week’s GoodAfrica Charitable Giving Challenge is all about

A charity with a lot of good, or at least positive, content is the perfect place to launch a campaign to drive social good.

But in this case, the campaign was launched by a private company called GoodAfricas Charitable Trust.

And the company behind it is actually one of the most successful charities in the country.

The charity is also part of the Greater Detroit Partnership, which has launched many other campaigns, and is currently on a successful fundraising run.

The company, founded in 2007, has done a lot to build up a good reputation in the US, but this week it had its first major success with a campaign that aims to raise money for charities in South Africa.

As we previously reported, the organisation’s goal is to help the victims of the 2009 Zulu genocide in South African cities.

According to the site, the goal of the campaign is to provide $2,500 to charities in 20 cities in South America in order to help them cope with the effects of the crisis.

It is also a way for the charity to make sure it is reaching out to those who may have a greater need.

According the campaign description, “The goal of this campaign is simple: help the communities affected by the Zulu Genocide to rebuild.”

And as a result of that, the company has set up a GoFundMe page, which is being run by a Canadian citizen.

As of this writing, the page has raised almost $2.3 million.

To give backThe campaign has raised a lot more than $2 million for the South African charities, and also has raised the awareness of the South Africans.

For example, the charity has now received over $2 billion for the country and it hopes to raise another $1.5 billion over the coming years.

But that does not mean that GoodAfrika Charitable is not doing something with that money.

As the campaign page explains, the fund will be used for the following purposes:The fundraising campaign was created to be used to provide an immediate benefit to the affected communities.

The funds will be transferred directly to the victims and to the families of the victims to help rebuild.

The donations are expected to be made within the next few days, and the charity will not use any of the funds to buy back any of its products or services.

The funds will not be used in any way to purchase new vehicles, and they will be made available to the community to donate to the communities that need them most.

The donation drive is in the form of a webinar, which will be held on Wednesday, October 10 at 1 p.m.


You can also follow the campaign on the GoodAfrikas website.

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