Charity: Good Neighbors Charity says it won’t donate money to Trump after ‘racist, sexist remarks’

The Good Neighbor Charity, a charity dedicated to helping homeless people, announced Friday that it will not donate to President Donald Trump’s presidential campaign after his recent comments about a black church and the charity’s charitable work.

The Good Neighbor announced the change in a tweet Friday morning.

The tweet said the nonprofit is “working with our elected officials to address the divisive and hurtful remarks made by President Trump.”

“The Good Neighborhood has always believed that we should work with all communities to help bring people together and improve our communities,” the tweet said.

“It is with deep regret that we will not be contributing to any presidential campaign,” the organization said.

Trump was criticized by many in the black community, especially after he called on a local pastor to stop attending a Trump rally and said he thinks some African-Americans are criminals and that “certain people” should be killed.

The Reverend Al Sharpton, a member of the NAACP’s National Executive Board, said the comments were unacceptable and hurt the Black Lives Matter movement.

“The comments are outrageous.

He is saying that some of our leaders are criminals,” Sharpton said.

“I am disgusted and appalled by the remarks.”

On Wednesday, Trump tweeted that “some very bad and dangerous people” are behind the shooting deaths of two black churchgoers in Charleston, South Carolina.

The White House later released a statement saying Trump had “deep regret” about the comments.

Trump said Friday that he’s “not in favor of the Ku Klux Klan” and added, “they should be ashamed of themselves.”

But in a Friday tweet, he said he is not opposed to the “good people” of the black church who were targeted by “people who want to be political.”

The Rev. William Barber II, president of the African American Church, told ABC News the Good Neighbor was not responding to the president’s comments and was not endorsing him.

“He is the President of the United States,” Barber said.

Barber also said the president should take responsibility for his remarks and apologize to those who were offended.

The Rev., Al Sharptons attorney, said his client has no plans to take any action against the president.

“I have not had a chance to talk to him about the matter,” Sharpton said.