How did you know you were a charity fighter?

Good Fight charity fight charity fighter.

I love the idea of fighting.

I’ve got a few other fights coming up.

But I’m also a bit of a big-hearted guy.

You’d have to ask me how I know this.

Well, my wife is from a farming family and my sister is a teacher.

And we live in a village in the hills of North Wales.

It’s an hour away from the nearest town.

So I’ve always been a bit interested in farming.

I had my first fight in the early 70s, when I was 16.

That was when I started fighting, and it was against a guy called Gary Laffey, who I won by split decision.

The other day, my sister, who was a teacher at the time, was sitting next to me at the kitchen table, and she said, “Are you sure you’re a charity fight fighter?”

I said, No, I’m not.

But she was very impressed with me, and the next year, when my sister went to the fight, I was in the gym.

It was the first fight I ever fought, and I won.

And the next time I fought, it was my first ever, and they won the belt by split-decision.

The next time it was me, it wasn’t split-round, but I was so happy, I felt like I had won the world title.

It had a special meaning for me.

I was going to give up, but the coach and the trainer were encouraging me to keep going, so I kept going.

And then I got to the gym and it just kept getting better and better and more important.

I kept getting stronger and stronger and better.

I’m now one of the world’s best boxers.

I train five days a week, seven days a day.

And I’ve also got my own business, which is a fight promotion company.

So that’s really what I’m interested in.

Good Fight Charity Fight charity fighter!

I have to say, I’ve had a couple of people ask me this question before.

But really, I love it.

Because I’ve been fortunate enough to get to do what I love doing, which I love boxing.

That’s what I have a passion for, which has brought me to the highest level of boxing.

I also love giving back.

When I was young, my dad, a former boxer, used to come and pick me up at school and take me to a local shop where he’d get me a couple, because he thought that was the best way to get kids into sport.

But that’s all changed, because now it’s more than just picking me up.

So my mum and dad are always there for me, as are my cousins, my grandparents and my great-grandparents.

I just really love being a role model for the kids.

I know that I’m just one of a few.

They can do anything they want, and that’s why I’m so happy to be a charity boxing champion.