“I Don’t Want To Get Caught In Any Conflict” – Chris Kluwe

In the months following the horrific shooting at the Pulse nightclub in Orlando, Florida, Chris Kluwewe was one of many players to be interviewed on Fox News and other networks.

During the interview, Kluwe described himself as a Christian and, to his credit, defended the actions of his team members.

However, after the shooting, Kluwwe took to Twitter to defend himself against accusations of homophobia.

He wrote: I dont want to get caught in any conflict.

It doesnt mean i dont care about the LGBT community, its just that I dont think i should be using violence to get the message across.

His actions came back to haunt him when a woman accused him of being homophobic, a claim he vehemently denied.

When asked by the Daily Beast if he regretted the comments, Kluwedow told BuzzFeed News: Absolutely not.

If you go back and watch what was said in the interview that you did, that was one thing that I didnt say.

I said that I thought it was a mistake to have those words in the video and I said it in an effort to show people what I was going through.

And if you go watch the interview again, you see I said exactly that.

He then went on to defend the actions that he took in the wake of the shooting by calling them “good journalism.”

Kluwow’s comments were criticized as “hate speech” and “intolerance.”

He was also targeted for comments he made about President Donald Trump, saying in February 2017: If Trump wants to fight back, he has my word.

If he wants to start fights, he should go to Syria and go kill them all.

Kluwwer continued to speak out on social media after the Pulse shooting, telling BuzzFeed News that he wanted to be a good person and to show his team that “good people don’t use guns.”

He also noted that his “ex-boyfriend” had been in contact with his family, telling them he was “so happy that they are safe.”

Kluwe said that he believes the Orlando shooting is “not representative of the rest of the country.”

“I don’t want to be part of a culture where people who have not had to go through something like this are going to be afraid to come out and speak out about what happened in their communities,” Kluwe told BuzzFeed.

“And that makes me sad.

And that makes my heart ache, because this is not representative of how the country is.

I’m glad my ex-boyfie is safe, and he’s doing great.”

When asked about the tweet that appeared on Kluwe’s account on March 14, 2017, a representative for the NFL said Kluwe “does not condone” the tweet and that it was “a mistake.”

Kluwas response to the controversy was swift and pointed, and included the hashtag #GoodWiki.

“We stand behind our writers, editors, and writers of any kind, and their freedom to speak their mind.

We know this is a tough conversation, and our thoughts are with the victims and their families and the LGBTQ community in Orlando,” a statement from the NFL read.

Kluwe has continued to tweet since his firing from the Miami Dolphins in March 2017, defending his work and his character, and also writing a book titled “I’m a Patriot: A Memoir of the First Patriot in America.”

His tweets are often scathing and critical of politicians, celebrities, and mainstream media.

Kluwer has been outspoken about the need to defend those who suffer under social and economic inequalities.

Kluws tweet reads, “You don’t need to be white, gay, straight, cisgender, or straight-acting to be oppressed, or be on the receiving end of oppression.

You just need to know your rights.

Thats it.

Its all about you.

If that doesnt make sense to you, it isnt for you.

And thats why Ive decided to do what ive done.”

He continued, “I will continue to be outspoken and outspoken about what the real issues are.

I don’t believe there is anything in our culture that doesnt need to change.

We need to talk about the real problems.

And we need to stop pretending to be the only ones that care.

You arent.

You dont get to make that choice.

And you don’t get to change the world by doing what the majority thinks is best.

If thats what you want, thats what im going to do.”

The former NFL player said in an interview with the Huffington Post that he plans to continue to defend his faith.

“I dont want people to think that I am an atheist, or a Jewish person or a Muslim person, or anything else,” he said.

“Theres just no room for them in my heart.

And so when you hear about the hate that has been going on, and the death threats that have been coming in and the violence, that