When will the next car go on the road?

The world has gone electric and it’s starting to feel like a good time to start planning for the future, according to the head of the car industry.

In an interview with The Sydney Morning Herald, Paul Higginson said the world will be “driving more cars and trucks, trucks that are more efficient, more environmentally friendly”.

“When people start getting used to driving, it will be a lot easier,” he said.

“We’ve got cars that have electric motors, so they can go faster and faster.”

In the meantime, Higgollis vision is for more people to get into cars.

Higginson also said he hoped the automotive industry would find a way to “make the cars less expensive” by offering lower prices.

He said it was important for carmakers to work with “local communities, not just the manufacturers, and to understand what’s really happening in their communities”.

Hugginson said it’s important for people to see how cars have changed over the past 25 years, and how they can “take their vehicle to the next level”.

He wants the automotive sector to take advantage of technology to make the car less expensive, he said, and he wants people to “pay more attention to the environment”.

Mr Higgison said his vision for the car was to see cars become “more accessible” through “self-driving” technology.

But he said the future of the industry was not to be determined by what was in the future.

The automotive industry is “not yet there, it’s more about how we design our cars to operate more efficiently and to save money,” he told the newspaper.

For example, Hugginson told the Herald he was excited about the latest technology from Volvo, which is making its first vehicle autonomous.

Mr Tamborello said the new cars were “really good”.

The latest car is the XC90, which was launched in March.

It is a fully autonomous vehicle, able to navigate roads autonomously and has a top speed of around 155km/h.

However, Mr Tambourlo said the technology wasn’t perfect.

When the new XC 90 was tested at Sydney airport, it crashed several times.

Volvo said the car could only make about 15km/hour.

Its next model, the XE90, is due to hit Australian roads in 2019, and is expected to be able to do about 200km/hr.

Earlier this month, a number of major car manufacturers including Volkswagen, General Motors and Toyota announced they would invest $10 billion into the electric vehicle sector, with the goal of reducing CO2 emissions by 20 per cent by 2025.

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