This charity is trying to use technology to save lives

Business Insider reports that Good Charity has set up a crowdfunding site called Good Charity, which is seeking to raise funds to create an automated medical device that will give a person an alternative to chemotherapy or surgery.

The charity claims to be the first and only organisation to successfully use a “smart” medical device to make people healthier, and is also set to provide free and low-cost medication for children.

The company aims to produce a device by 2021, which will cost $1,000 and work with a smartphone app that will allow people to receive a prescription for a generic medication from the device’s website.

It also plans to make its software free and open source.

The project aims to raise $1 million in order to produce the device, which the charity claims can save lives.

“This is about the people, the people are the people of Good Charity,” said one Good Charity spokesperson.

“Our focus is on children and families who need the most help and we are very proud of what we are doing here.”

The company says that by 2022, its system will be able to identify up to 500,000 different patients who require a treatment.

The organisation will also work with charities to make their own smart medical devices, and said that it will work with pharmaceutical companies to bring the technology to market.

The startup is based in London, with offices in New York, Los Angeles, San Francisco and London.

The founders say that their goal is to create “a new standard of medical care,” and are hopeful that their technology can help patients live longer, healthier lives.

According to Good Charity’s website, its mission is to “improve the quality of life for all those living with and without chronic illness,” and that it aims to use its technology to help the poor, the unemployed, those with cancer, and those with “any condition.”

“We believe in helping people live their best lives, with a sense of purpose, and a desire to improve their lives in the process,” the site says.

“By giving back, we want to improve our community.”

Sponsorship Levels and Benefits

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