To celebrate our 1000 Facebook Likes Milestone, for the next week we are taking 10% off all black colorways for our Wish Upon a Rock bracelets! And to match, we are giving back 10% of all sales. 

Which leads into our next 2 announcements! 

We are extending our partnership through out March with the Dream Factory. We are so thrilled with how well our missions align and the ability to help make wishes and dreams come true. 

And with that we are setting a new 2% Challenge for March. This is a simple one. 1 wish shared each day. Simple right? Well there are a couple conditions: 

There are 31 Days in March. We want to see 31 new wishes shared by the end of the Month, from 31 new people. That’s a new wish, shared from a new person. 31 times. That gives us roughly 1 wish shared per day. 

Sharing can be done through our website or on social media. A picture of your rock stack or bracelet MUST be included. And the wish must be from a NEW member of our community. 

That’s the challenge! Can you all get it done? Perhaps a little motivation to start? If we can make 7 wishes happen by Mar. 7, we will extend the 10% promotion for the entire month!