It’s long been the status quo to select a certain accent for our look that “makes a statement”. We look for that item that is bold, eye catching, and catches the eye of others. But the effort is usually for the sake of the look. We do this because we want to stand out, make our unique impression, and draw attention. And when we do it right, someone will stop to compliment our work (hopefully) and go as far as to ask where obtained certain elements. Then we move on with our day.

But what if that conversation went further? What if the statement piece we wore had meaning behind it? Not just the passive support of a cause, but a personal emotion with which to share and connect with the person asking. I posit that selecting a statement piece that is a personal statement brings opportunities to make new connections.

My experience with Wish Upon a Rock has been just that. The brand is founded on a practice of building small stacks of rocks and making a wish. You have likely seen these stacks on nature trails or the beaches in Aruba, Indonesia, Australia, and so many more places.

The idea of making a wish and keeping that wish in mind everyday is the inspiration behind their beaded bracelets. They say it’s “your wish on your wrist”. And I bought in. I have been wearing their Dig Down Deep bracelet. I chose it, because the name spoke to how I feel at certain times. I often feel life brings me challenges where I need to dig deep, hold tight, and weather the storm with a fight. It connected with me. I made a wish for myself that I would always have the strength to weather those storms and see the sunshine on the other side. And to be strong enough to hold up those in the storm with me.

It’s been on my wrist for a week or two now and I find that I fidget with it often, and because of that I am reminded of my wish. It’s not just once a day, but through out the day. And I have found I’m not alone in my wish. I get asked often about what brand the bracelet is and where I got it. My response is a textbook, walk-through-the-open-door opportunity to open up about what it means to me. Then 15 minutes has gone by and I’ve made a meaningful connection with someone new.

It’s been a novel experience since I bought into what Wish Upon a Rock has been selling. Not just the product, but the mindset. I am much more mindful about the idea of a “statement piece” should be more of a “connection piece”.

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