Kicking off our Monthly Charity Partnership!

It is our mission to build a community of shared wishes. We want to connect everyone through the positive and fulfilling practice of building a rock stack and making a wish. But we realize it’s not enough to stop there. So we are kicking off our Monthly Charity Partnership. 

Each month we are committed to donating 8% of each sale made on to a selected organization. With this, we are also kicking off the 2% Challenge where our community will have a chance to come together to complete a new monthly challenge and make that month’s contribution a total of 10%!

This month and through February, we have selected Dream Factory. We are proud to know at the end of Febraury our community will help make the dreams of some very brave, strong, and inspiring children come true.

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About The Dream Factory:

image“The Dream Factory began with one all-volunteer chapter in Hopkinsville, KY in 1980. Since then, The Dream Factory has grown into the second-largest children’s wish-granting organization in the United States. They currently operate under 38 local chapters with more than 3,500 extremely dedicated volunteers. These hard-working individuals raise funds within their own communities and then use those funds to grant dreams to local children. Ninety percent of all money raised by The Dream Factory is used to grant the dreams of children. The Dream Factory is the only wish-granting organization that provides dreams to children with chronic illnesses and disorders as well as to children with life-threatening, critical illness.

The Dream Factory’s mission is to grant dreams to critically and chronically ill children ages three through eighteen. It has been proven that mental health is very important in improving the quality of life for children facing serious and/or life-threating illness. The Dream Factory strives to provide hope, happiness, and relief to not only the children, but their families. They work to help provide a break from the stress and depression that occurs for the children and their families on a day-to-day basis.

Over the years the Dream Factory has had a strategy of providing the best services and experiences as possible for their dream children. They have been recognized by Charity Navigator, the largest and most utilized evaluator of charities, as a four-star charity; this is the highest rating a charity can receive.

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