Getting off the #couch is, likely, the difference between being #ordinary and being #extraordinary. Everyone has a goal, or an idea. It’s the people that act on them that have the greatest chance for #success.

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I slept in today. Had a big breakfast and ended up spending a good portion of the day snuggling with my laopo watching football and the cooking channel and reading. It was only by tremendous force of will that I was able to extricate myself from the clutches of the sofa and put my boots on to go out and take a little walk. I dragged my fat lazy ass up #poopouttrail. It hasn’t gotten easier. It’s still steep. It’s still rocky. My calves ached from yesterday’s hike up Mt. Wilson. But I made it by God. Because I want a slice of pear ginger pie and I’ll do what I have to to get it. I put up this cairn to celebrate my little victory over myself. #fatoldmanhiking #somefatoldguy #52hikechallenge #beyond52hikechallenge #capecodboyincalifornia #washashorewhatwashedaway #cairn #cairns #cairn_collection #poopout #bigdaltoncanyon #glendorawildernesspark #sangabrielmountains