It’s not about a flag or pin or eagle today. Today is about doing what we can, as citizens, to ensure that those who chose to serve a purpose greater than themselves, come home and have the opportunity to continue serving a purpose greater than themselves. #TeamRubicon is that opportunity. Thank our veterans today, and in the next breath ask them to continue their mission to serve here at home. Who could better answer our calls, than those who have already answered?

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#eleven11 is our #VeteransDay campaign aimed at growing our Support Squad, which is currently made up of over 800 badasses who donate monthly. We’re kicking off this four-day push today and challenging you to help. Go ahead and tell everyone you make eye contact with our story and get ‘em on the squad. They’ll be handsomely thanked and feel damn good about giving our team the chance to keep serving. Use that link in our profile to preach that TR gospel.

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